11th Grade: -ed and -ing adjectives

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Dear class,

How are you? How is your quarantine going? What are you doing at home? Watching any series? Playing videogames? Learning something new?

Task 1: Write a short note (80 words) on how you are doing with the quarantine. Use different adjectives to describe your day and leave it in the comments (with your name) or send it to my email

Are you bored at home or are you boring? What's the difference between these two? Let's see that again.

Compare these two examples:
- The movie was boring.
- I got bored during the movie.

Adjectives that end in -ed (e.g. bored, interested) and adjectives that end in -ing (e.g. boring, interesting) are often confused.

-ed adjectives

Adjectives that end in -ed generally describe emotions – they tell us how people feel.
I was so bored in that lesson, I almost fell asleep.
He was surprised to see Anne after all those years.
She was really tired and went to bed early.

-ing adjectives

Adjectives that end in -ing generally describe the thing that causes the emotion – a boring lesson makes you feel bored.
Have you seen that film? It's really frightening.
I could listen to her for hours. She's so interesting.
I can't sleep! That noise is really annoying!

Task 2: Download the following exercise, complete the sentences with your answers and send it to my email. Online Worksheet 1 

Stay in, stay safe, see you in a while!



Unknown said…
hola ruben. como estas? una pregunta, para cuando es el trabajo?
Hanya said…
Benjamin Troncoso

Well I do not know how to start, but I was leaving my Dad's house and I was notice to come inside again. I did not understand it at first instance but well, Chile is in quarantine and there is nothing to do about it. The first day of quarantine i thought: "this is going to be fun because I am not going to school". So, then I realized that we are on the twenty one century and it exists the "Aula Virtual" so is not that fun as I thought it would be. Anyways, before all the teachers send material to work on, I was focused on winning tournaments on FIFA,playing fortnite and sleeping, now I have plenty of work to do so i will have to wait till' weekend. If you think about it is weird to be at your home and have to practically attend to class and do work of every assignature, but I think I am getting used to it.
Anonymous said…
My time in quarantine is very boring. I spend most of the day doing homework, walking with my dad and my stepmom, or in my phone. well if i think about it, it is not so terrible since I have 4 dogs and that is kind of fun. At the moment we are at the beach, in Maitencillo, it`s nice to walk on the sand and near the ocean, but still we are alone and being forced to stay away from the rest of my family. Also, I miss my dog (Kaonashi) at my mom´s house.
Thanks for reading this. i hope everyone is doing ok.
Best, Amanda Hermansen.