12th Grade Diferenciado - Week 2

Dear Students,
Welcome to week 2 of our brand-new blog. I hope it hasn't been too terrible and you're keeping your minds focused on other thing that the daily news around us. And that you're safe and sound, staying in, helping the people around you and being calm and happy. :)

This week you have two tasks. The first one is to finish your University's presentation and send them to me by friday so I can read them, review them and give you some feedback.  I have received two so far, and they're really good so keep'em coming (rubeningles.etievan@gmail.com)

In Chile we have Universidades, Institutos Profesionales and Centros de Formación Técnica among others. In most countries they have a similar variety of educational institutions. And a difference that always comes up is the difference between a College and a University, specially in the United States, where the distinction can be so confusing at times. 

Your second task for the week is to read the following article from The Atlantic written by Alia Wong called "What's the Difference Between a College and a University?"

Read it and make some notes on the definitions and the differences. Send me an email with your conclusions. What are the main differences between a college and a university, according to the article? You can quote and copy and paste some sections but remember, I want to read you not the article again. 

Send your notes by Monday (or ASAP)

Stay safe.

Your teacher