12th Grade

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Dear class,
How are you? How are you dealing with the quarantine? I hope you and your friends and family are all alright. :)

We are seeing vocabulary for everyday objects so this week's task will be looking around your house and making a list of 10 items you didn't know the name of in English. Look around your kitchen, your bedroom, your living room. How do you say colador in english? How do you say pelador de papas? Write the list along with the spanish translation in the comments (with your name) or send them to my email clicking here.

Also, check this video of a chef who crafts cakes disguised as everyday objects, like magic eight balls. What object would make a great cake? Let me know in the comments. 

Stay in, stay safe, let's take care of each other. 
See you soon. :)



Lucien said…
I think an object that would be hard to tell apart from a cake would be a printer, since they´re usually rectangular.
Arantza said…
Maybe a great object for a cake would be a teapot, probably it would be kinda crazy and funny, also very pretty if it is well done.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
It would be amazing to have a dog shaped cake. I once saw a video of a person showing their dog a dog shaped cake and they were like "look, we got you a friend" and the dog was so happy, but then they cut a slice of the cake and the dog was like :0 . It was kinda cruel but funny at the same time.
Francisco said…
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Francisco said…
I would like to see a cake of a musical instrument(they are not so everyday but what does it matter)
Benja said…
Maybe a keyboard would be kinda cool. It would be funny taking it and take a big bite out of it