9th Grade - Week 1

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Dear class,

How are you? How are you dealing with the quarantine? What are you doing at home? What series are you binge-watching? What books are you reading? What are your favorite activities to do at home? How is your routine?  

Task 1: Write a short paragraph (50 words) telling me about your quarentine routine. Let's share ideas, stay in and take care of each other!

We are working on our review unit so let's practice Comparative Adjectives a little bit.


We use comparative adjectives to show change or make comparisons:
  • This computer is certainly better, but it's much more expensive. 
  • I'm feeling happier now that I have some pizza.
  • We need a bigger pizza.
We use than when we want to compare one thing with another:
  • My sister is two years older than me.
  • Santiago is much bigger than Rancagua. 
  • She is a better player than Patrick. 
  • Brazil is a bigger country than England.  

How to form comparative and superlative adjectives

1. We usually add –er to one-syllable words to make comparatives
 old - older
 long - longer
2. If an adjective ends in –e, we add –r:
nice       nicer     
large      larger   

3. If an adjective ends in a vowel and a consonant, we double the consonant:
big          bigger  
fat          fatter                   

4. If an adjective ends in a consonant and –y, we change –y to –i and add –er:
happy   happier               
silly        sillier    

5. We use more to make comparatives for most two syllable adjectives and for all adjectives with three or more syllables:
careful           more careful    
interesting           more interesting            

6. The adjectives good, bad and far have irregular comparatives:
good      better 
bad        worse   
far          farther/further                     

Watch this video with the explanation and more examples

Task 2: Make five sentences comparing something new you have versus something old you had. For example:

1. My new phone is faster than my old phone. 
2.  My new bed is bigger than my old bed.
3. ...

Leave task 1 and 2 in the comments (with your name) or send them to my email.Do this by friday.

Stay in, wash your hands, take care of each other <3



Unknown said…

my new computer is faster than my old computer

my nintendo switch is better than my old 2ds an have better graphics

my mouse is better than de old i had because have more buttons and a better sensor

my bed is mor confortable than de last that i have

my gamin chair is so much better than my old chair

nahuel millan leible
Unknown said…
Task 1, Josefina Carrasco 9th grade:
My quarentine routine has been a little boring, every morning i wake up like at 12 o'clock and eat my breakfast, then, i see my phone until i get bored, then i check the “aula etievan” and do some homework for like 2 or 3 hours and then i go to bed.

Task 2:
1. my new bag is prettier than my older one
2. my new phone is bigger than my old phone
3. my new house is worst than my old apartment
4. my new chair is more comfortable than my old chair
5. my new computer is faster than my older one
Unknown said…
hello teacher im domingo can you tell me your gmail
Anonymous said…
Task 1: get up 9:00 o'clock and play Minecraft. until I eat my breakfast i when i finish i come back play Minecraft again until i eat my lunch when i finish i come back play Minecraft White my Friends until i eat my dinner and i come back play Minecraft and we finish i see dancing for a dream with my dad.
Task 2:
1.- My New Xbox IS faster than my older one
2.-my new phone is better than my old phone
3.-my New bike os better than my old phone
4.-my New computer IS faster than my older one
5.- my New hause IS bigger than last
Anonymous said…
Gaspar Diaz task 1: I get up at 12p.m and then I eat breakfast with my family, then I go to take a shower. After that, I usually draw or watch series, then I wash my hands with a lot of alcohol gel, sometimes I do some they basic home chores to help my parents like: take care of my little sister, take a stroll with my dogs, feed my rabbits and my hen.

task 2:
my new mansion is bigger than my older one
my new dog is faster than my last dog
my new cellphone is more efficient than my older one
my new pencils are better than my older ones
my hands are drier than before because of the quarantine
Unknown said…
Matias arraya
Task 1 :in these days of quarantine i wake up to breakfast and then wash my hands. While lunch i play with the cell phone and then with the play station. When i get bored i start watching tv and then i start doing mi homework. I start to play with friends while i'm having dinner.

Matias arraya
Task 2
1 : my new cell phone is better than other cell phone
2 : my new dog is more playful than my other dog
3 :my new console is farter then the other console
4 : my new house has more patio than the other house
5 : my new tv is bigger than the other
Gabriel said…
My mame IS gabriel Garcia
Anonymous said…
Unknown said…
My new car is better than the old one

my new house is much bigger than the previous one

my chair is more comfortable than the previous one

my english is much better since i have Ruben

my cats are bigger than before

cristobal vivanco