10th Grade: Vocabulary and First Conditional

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Week 1

Dear class,

How are you? How are you dealing with the quarantine? Are you watching lots of movies? Any series? How is your quarantine routine?

Task 1: Communication: How do you communicate with your friends during the quarantine? Do you call them? Do you chat? Where? What do you talk about? Write 60 words answering those questions and leave it  in the comments below or send it to my email by friday.

In class, we were seeing first conditional. Let's review that.

The First Conditional

The First Conditional is used to talk about things which might happen in the future. It describes possible things which could easily come true. 
The first conditional has the present simple after if, then the future simple in the second clause:
if + present simple, ... will + infinitive
  • If I study today, I'll have some free time tomorrow.
  • If I have enough money, I'll buy some new shoes.
  • She'll be late if the train is delayed.
  • If I see him, I'll tell him.

First vs. Zero Conditional

Remember the first conditional describes a particular situation whereas the zero conditional describes what happens in general. 

Compare the following: 
0 Conditional: If you pay attention in class you get good marks.  (this is a general rule, it happens all the time, getting good marks is a regular consequence of paying attention)

1st Conditional:  If you pay attention to this message you'll get good marks (here I'm talking about what will happen today, maybe another day might be different)

Watch this video for more examples:

Task 2: Write 6 sentences using first conditional and leave them in the comments (with your name) or send them to my email.

Stay in, stay safe, see you soon! <3



Unknown said…
task 1: I communicate with my Friends by chatting with them, by WhatsApp or Instagram, and we also do videocalls by using Skype. Even tho i talk with them all the time, i miss hangin out and mess around, so we talk 'bout the things we wanna do when the quanterine its over. We share the though that we feel like raounzel when her mom didnt let her get out of the house cause we have to plan a lot of things to do besides the homeschooling, like, draw, play piano, etc... so we dont get bored.

task 2:
- If I dont writr 6 sentences, Ruben Will be mad at me
- I'll be not able to write, If im not connected to the internet
- If i dont stay home, I'll get coronavirus
- I Will stay in contact with my Friends, If something happens to one of them.
- If I have coronavirus, I'll die
- If I die, My Friends and famiy Will be very sad.

Laura Sasso.
enjoy your quanterine Rubén! see ya.